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Press Release - Giga-Ball Launch

Friday 4th September marked the launch of Giga-Ball, James Harding’s debut game, free on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Giga-Ball is an arcade game inspired by the classic brick-breaker and breakout games of the 80s and 90s, optimised and modernised for mobile gaming.

Manoeuvre the paddle to keep the ball alive, collect power-ups and destroy bricks, progressing though 110 levels across 11 themed packs, in addition to an endless gameplay mode. Giga-Ball is a casual yet challenging game that you can play for minutes or hours and keep coming back to.

Giga-Ball is free to play, additional power-ups, levels and customisation options are unlocked on completion of each level pack. Alternatively, users can support the app by upgrading to Giga-Ball Premium via a single in-app purchase, which instantly unlocks all content and removes ads.

Key Features

  • Play for hours with 110 levels across 11 themed level packs.

  • See how far you can go in Endless Mode with continuously falling bricks, one ball and ever-increasing difficulty.

  • Collect or avoid 28 unlockable power-ups to help your progress or increase the challenge. Bonuses include a larger paddle, points boost or the help of lasers, while penalties include a super-speed ball, bricks hiding from view or the activation of a gravity field.

  • Customise your paddle, ball and app icon, choosing from 12 unlockable themes and icon designs.

  • Enjoy the original retro-arcade inspired soundtrack composed exclusively for Giga-Ball by Brendan Lawton.

  • See how you compare to your friends with comprehensive gameplay statistics or across the globe on the Game Center leaderboards.

  • Complete dozens of challenging achievements to track your progress and show off your skills.

  • Keep game progress and statistics synchronised across multiple devices with iCloud sync.

  • Resume games on launch to pick up where you left off.

  • Adapted for one-handed gameplay to make it even easier to pick up and play, any time, any place.

  • Entirely free to play with no content locked behind a paywall, just play to progressively unlock content.

  • Support the app by upgrading to Giga-Ball Premium via an in-app purchase to unlock all content instantly and remove ads.

Giga-Ball was created by James Harding over the course of a year, written entirely in Swift, exclusively for the App Store. James was frustrated by the lack of high quality arcade breakout games that emulated the enjoyment of the ones he played growing up.

Giga-Ball is coming to the App Store for all iOS and iPadOS devices running iOS 12.4 or later. In the meantime, help support the final few weeks of development by signing up to the public beta via TestFlight here.

For more information please get in touch.

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